BEAUCARNEA RECURVATA (Nolina RECURVATa) Liliaceae Ponytail plant Details

08:49 Originally from the desert of southern Mexico, this bizarre-looking succulent is most unusual and eye-catching. The bottle-shaped woody stem, which serves as a water reservoir, adds to the plant’s odd appearance and gives rise to its common names of bottle palm and elephant foot. 


From this bulbous stem spring several slim, downward- curving “ponytails” of gray-green leaves up to 3ft/90cm long. Clusters of small white flowers are sometimes produced on older plants.                                      beaucarnea2brecurvata2bplant-8297628 Beaucarnea recurvata grows slowly, but it is easy to keep and should live for several years. It is ideal in a modern room setting. Since it prefers dry air, it will thrive in heated houses. It likes a sunny position as well as fresh air, so should be sited near a window
If the leaf tips turn brown, trim back the damaged leaves, but do not decimate the plant.                        beaucarnea2brecurvata2bindoor-1128632 Check for scale insects and red spider mites, which may attack the plant.
Limp, pale leaves and soft stems indicate overwatering. Stand the pot on dry newspaper for a day or two, changing the paper when it gets wet. Do not water again until the top of the soil has dried out.                        beaucarnea2brecurvata-3676210 FACT FILE
ORIGIN Mexico.
HEIGHT To 10ft/3m or more.
POTTING MIX Soil-based, mixed with leaf mold or peat moss, and sand. 
REPOTTING Every 2-3 years, always providing good drainage. Keep this plant in a pot relatively small for the plant’s size.                      beaucarnea2brecurvata2bimage-9418451 PROPAGATION By seed or offsets in spring or summer, with an air temperature of 75°F/24°C, but propagation is not easy for the amateur.  beaucarnea2brecurvata2bcare-7009594 KEEPING PLANTS Fading leaves can be gently peeled off. Put the plant in a sheltered spot outdoors in su   beaucarnea2brecurvata2bpotted2bimage-9185834

BEAUCARNEA RECURVATA PLANT CARE Liliaceae Ponytail tips and Guide

  • Bright light, preferably full sun, all year-round.
  • Minimum winter temperature of 50°F/10°C. 
  • Keep the soil moist from early spring to late fall, but do not let the plant stand in water.
  • Feed with a weak liquid fertilizer every 4 weeks during summer.


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