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Abutilon PIctum ‘Thompsonii’ Malvaceae Plants Care Benefits

SPOTTED FLOWERING MAPLE Or Known as Abutilon PIctum ‘Thompsonii’ Malvaceae Here In this article see all the detailed Information for Plant care, Propagation, Benefits explained.

Originating in tropical to warm temperate areas, particularly South America, where it grows in lightly wooded terrain, this is a tender plant related to the mallows. The genus is made up of about 150 shrubs, perennials, and annuals, which are grown for their bell-shaped, drooping flowers and maplelike leaves on long stalks.
Abutilon PIctum ‘Thompsonii’ Malvaceae

This form has attractive green-and-yellow mottled leaves 3-5in/8-13cm long and with three to five lobes. Its red- and orange-veined flowers are 2-3in/5-8cm long and open from spring to fall. 

In the wild, the plant will grow into a large shrub, but as an indoor pot plant, it is best kept to 2-4ft/60cm-1.2m. Abutilons are long-lasting and therefore useful as semipermanent feature plants. And since they need plenty of direct sunlight, they do particularly well in front of a window.

All abutilons respond well to pruning, and you should not be afraid to use the shears when a plant grows beyond its allocated space. Cut back spindly growth in early spring; remove any thin shoots that crowd the center of the plant and reduce others by a third.

Abutilon PIctum ‘Thompsonii’ Malvaceae FLOWER PHOTOS


ORIGIN Brazil.
HEIGHT To 7-10ft/2.1-3m.
POTTING MIX Soil-based.

Abutilon PIctum ‘Thompsonii’ Malvaceae image

REPOTTING Move plants into a pot one size larger each spring, until a 9-in/23-cm pot is reached. Top-dress large plants annually.

PROPAGATION Take 4-in/10-cm tip cuttings in spring and summer and root in equal parts of sand and peat at a temperature of 75°F/24°C.

KEEPING PLANTS Deadhead regularly during th summer. Pinch out growing tips occasionally to maintain bushy growth.


Abutilon PIctum ‘Thompsonii’ Malvaceae Plants

Abutilon x hybridum is the name given to a group of hybrids that are generally available from garden centers and stores. Look for A. x h. ‘Savitzii,’ with the palest of green leaves, ‘Cannington Red,’ with golden yellow foliage and striking rose red blooms. ‘Pink Lady’ has bright pink flowers with deeper pink veins, and ‘Kentish Belle’ bears vibrant orange flowers.

Abutilon PIctum ‘Thompsonii’ flower photo

Abutilon PIctum ‘Thompsonii’ Malvaceae Plants CARE

Abutilon PIctum ‘Thompsonii’ flower pics
  • Direct sunlight, which will enhance the leaf variegation. 
  • Winter temperature of 45”-55°F/7°-13°C; the plant may lose some or all of its leaves during this dormant period. • Little water in winter; water freely in summer.
  • Apply a weak liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks from early spring to late summer. • Large plants can be top-heavy, so make sure containers are large enough to prevent them from falling over.