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ALOCASLA SANDER1ANA Araceae ELEPHANT ’S-EAR Plant Care benifits Benifits Guide

Alocasias are not difficult to find, and they are worth looking for if you want a spectacular specimen plant. The erect, thick stems of Alocasia sanderiana carry arrow-shaped leaves 12-16in/30-40cm long and 6in/15cm wide. 
Alocasia sanderiana

Alocasia sanderiana indoor house plant photo

They are metallic silver-green, broken by yellowish gray veining, with scalloped edges and a thin white margin; the undersides have a purplish tinge. The rather insignificant petalless flowers are held on a spadix within a typical arumlike spathe.
            Alocasia sanderiana plant
This attention-grabbing plant is, unfortunately, not really happy in normal room conditions and should be returned to a greenhouse to recuperate after a few months. Alocasia sanderiana indoor house plant pic

A rest period is essential in winter, during which the soil should be allowed to become almost dry between waterings, and feeding can cease completely.Alocasia sanderiana indoor plant


ORIGIN Philippines.

HEIGHT To 30in/76cm with a similar spread.

POTTING MIX Soil-based, with added peat moss or leaf mold. 
Alocasia sanderiana indoor house plant pic
REPOTTING Annually in spring.

PROPAGATION In spring, by division; by potting up the suckers; or by taking cuttings of the rhizomes.

KEEPING PLANTS Equally good as a solitary specimen plant or as part of a group of houseplants.
Alocasia sanderiana indoor plant image

  • Bright light preferred; avoid direct sunlight in summer. 
  • Minimum of 65°F/18°C in winter; warm room temperature at other times, preferably above 70°F/21°C. 
  • Keep the soil moist during the active growth period; reduce watering in winter. 
  • Humidity is appreciated; so mist the leaves frequently, and stand the plant on moist pebbles.
  • Feed every 2 weeks with a weak liquid fertilizer.
                             Alocasia sanderiana indoor house plant image

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  1. Everytime I see an elephant ear plant i feel amazed. They're too good to look at. Thanks for an amazing insights. Also, I'm growing some good indoor herbs using LED grow lights this year. Hope I'll include this plants in my garden.