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Camellia Japonica Theaceae Camellia Plant Care Tips Prorogation Guide

In the home, the beautiful waxy blooms of this winter- and early spring-flowering shrub can be appreciated at close quarters, and they are secure from damaging frosts. 
Camellia Japonica

The flowers may be single, double, or semi-double, carried in clusters or singly, depending on variety. 

 Theaceae Camellia Plant PICTURE

They may be white, pink, or red, or a combination of either pink or red and white, and may be about 5in/13cm wide. The glossy, dark green leathery leaves are carried on woody branches and tend to curl under slightly from the tips and sides.
Camellia Japonica Theaceae Camellia Plant
Camellias are ideal plants for a cool, airy room. And they do not like the hot, dry conditions of centrally heated houses. They need regular misting and should be set on a tray of gravel to raise the humidity, especially when the buds are forming. Do not move flowering plants; the buds are likely to drop off if you do.
 Theaceae Camellia Plant PHOTO

ORIGIN China; Japan; India; Indonesia.

HEIGHT To 10ft/3m or more.

POTTING MIX Equal parts of lime-free soil-based potting mix, peat moss, and coarse leaf mold.
Camellia Japonica Theaceae Camellia Plant IMAGE
REPOTTING When necessary, move the plant into a pot one size larger after flowering until maximum practical size is reached; thereafter, top-dress at the end of the rest period.
Camellia Japonica Theaceae Camellia Plant IMAGE
PROPAGATION By semiripe cuttings in early summer; difficult for the amateur.
Camellia Japonica Theaceae Camellia Plant
KEEPING PLANTS Leave outdoors in a sheltered place in summer; bring under cover in late fall.

Camellia Japonica Theaceae Camellia PLANT CARE

  • Bright light but no direct sun. 
  • Must have cool conditions of 45°-60°F/7°—16°C. Keep the soil evenly moist when the buds are forming. After flowering, allow the surface of the soil to dry out between waterings. 
  • Mist-spray daily. 
  • Give a liquid feed every 10 to 14 days during the growing season.
  • Stand the plant outside in summer to encourage buds to form.
  • Buds will drop if soil dries out in the flowering season.
  • Check the undersides of the leaves for scale insects and push off any scales with a fingernail.

                        Camellia Japonica Theaceae Camellia Plant