Tuesday, 29 November 2016

🤷INDOOR🤷Cotyledon Undulata Cotyledon orbiculata PILVER CROWN Indoor Plant

Cotyledons are shrubby succulents with fleshy, fan-shaped, stalkless leaves arranged in opposite pairs. Each leaf of this plant has an undulating edge and a dense covering of fine, silvery white powder.
Cotyledon Undulata Cotyledon orbiculata P

Although orange-yellow flowers may appear on older plants in summer, the plant is chiefly grown for its characteristic leaves. Mass several

plants together in a bowl on a low table for maximum effect.

Cotyledon orbiculata is slightly taller and has gray-green leaves edged with red, with just a little white mealy covering. Orange flowers appear in summer.
Cotyledon orbiculata PILVER CROWN Indoor Plant

ORIGIN South Africa.

HEIGHT To 20in/50cm.

POTTING MIX Soil-based with coarse sand added in a ratio of 2:1 for good drainage, which is essential for this plant.

REPOTTING Move the plant into a pot one size larger each spring; when a 6-in/15-cm pot is reached, top-dress instead.

PROPAGATION Take 3-4-in/8-10-cm tip cuttings in spring.
Cotyledon Undulata Cotyledon orbiculata Plant image
KEEPING PLANTS Avoid handling the plant, since the white mealy covering will rub off. When the plant eventually becomes leggy, cut off the leafy top and reroot it. 

The bare stem may then produce new growth, so It is worth caring for it for a while.

Cotyledon Undulata Cotyledon orbiculata Plant photo
Cotyledon Undulata Crassulaceae PILVER CROWN Plant PLANT CARE

  • Full sunlight. 
  • Minimum winter temperature of 45°F/7°C, with normal room temperature at other times. 
  • Water copiously from spring to fall; give less water in winter. 
  • Apply a standard liquid fertilizer once a month between spring and fall.