Thursday, 8 December 2016

🤷INDOOR🤷Cestrum Aurantiacum Solanaceae Indoor House Plant Info

An evergreen semiclimbing shrub, cestrum makes a good plant for the greenhouse or sunroom, where it can be trained to a permanent support. It has oval leaves up to 3in/8cm long, which smell unpleasant. 
Cestrum Aurantiacum indoor plant

Flowers are borne in clusters in summer and they too have an odor that some find unpleasant; it is strongest at night. Each bright yellow-orange bloom has a 3/4-in/ 2-cm-long tubular corolla with five pointed petal lobes at the mouth. The flowers are followed by white berries.

Cestrum elegans ‘Smithii’ has apricot pink flowers and blooms all year-round;

C. nocturnum, night-blooming jasmine, has white flowers.
Cestrum Aurantiacum indoor plant photo


ORIGIN Guatemala.

HEIGHT To 10ft/3m.

POTTING MIX Soil-based with good drainage.

REPOTTING In spring, when the roots have filled the current pot, move a young plant into a pot one size larger.

PROPAGATION Sow seed in spring, or take stem cuttings with a heel in late summer.

KEEPING PLANTS Pinch off the growing tips of a young plant to encourage bushiness. And cut out a third or so of the oldest wood in the fall to ensure good flowering during the following year.

Cestrum Aurantiacum indoor house plant photo

Cestrum Aurantiacum PLANT CARE propagation method

  • Bright, filtered sunlight. 
  • A minimum temperature of 50°F/10 C. H Water well during the growing season and give less water for 4—6 weeks after flowering. 
  • Apply a weak liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks from spring to fall.