Thursday, 19 January 2017

šŸ¤·Trailing Watermelon Begonia - Pellionia repens Indoor Plant Fact, Care & Benefits ✅

Although this exotic creeper grows in tropical forests, it adapts well as a house- plant and looks especially good in a hanging basket. 

It produces a profusion of succulent stems that carry fleshy, elliptic leaves up to 2in/5cm long. 

These are bronze to olive green with a pale green band in the center. This creeper enjoys plenty of light, warmth, high humidity, and a protected position.

 Trailing Watermelon Begonia - Pellionia repens plant

Pellioniapulchra, satin pellionia, has green stems with a pink tinge and pale gray-green leaves marked with brown-black veins.


ORIGIN Burma; Vietnam; Malaysia.

HEIGHT To 2ft/60cm.

POTTING MIX Soil-based.
           Trailing Watermelon Begonia

REPOTTING Move to a pot one size larger each spring until a 5-in/13-cm pot is reached. 

PROPAGATION In summer, by division; make sure that each section has some roots. Or take 2-in/5-cm-long stem cuttings at any time. 

KEEPING PLANTS The plant should live for several years, but divide it every 2-3 years to prevent it becoming spindly.

            Trailing Watermelon Begonia - Pellionia repens

 Trailing Watermelon Begonia PLANT CARE

  • Bright light or partial shade; no direct sunlight. 

  • Warm room temperature, 65°—85°F/ 18°-29°C. 

  • Water well all year. 

  • Humidity is essential; stand the pot on a dish of moist pebbles and mist the plant daily. 

  • Apply weak liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks from spring to fall.

        Trailing Watermelon Begonia indoor plant