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Stromanthe amabilis (Calathea amabilis) | Plant Fact, Care & Benefits

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stromanthe amabilis indoors plant imagesThis plant is also known as Ctenanthe amabilis and is a member of the same family as maranta and calathea. 

It was formerly included in those genera and may be offered under those names. 

It has typical feathered herringbone markings on oblong, gray-green leaves and forms a compact clump.

Stromanthe Amabilis Fact File

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ORIGIN Brazil. 

HEIGHT TO 10in/25cm.

POTTING MIX  Peat-moss-based.

REPOTTING  In spring, when the pot appears crowded with foliage.

PROPAGATION Divide clumps in spring. 

KEEPING PLANTS  Stromanthe does not like to stand in a draft, so be careful where you site it.

PLANT CARE Moderately bright light out of direct sun.

Stromanthe Amabilis Plant Care

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  • Normal to warm room temperature with a winter minimum of 60°F/16°C. 
  • Water moderately; allow the top lin/2.5cm of the soil to dry out between waterings. 
  • Give a balanced liquid fertilizer every 3 weeks during the growing season.