Crocus Plant Iridaceae Dutch Crocus Plant Care Propagation Guide

08:59 The crocuses most commonly seen in the home are Dutch hybrids which have larger and more striking flowers than the species. The ’ eaves are striped green and white, and the cup-shaped flowers, which appear in winter and early spring, may be white, yellow, bronze purple, or multicolored.

Dry corns are offered for sale in late summer, and ready-planted pots are available from late fall onward. Among the best for growing indoors are Pickwick,’ shown here, which is pale silver-lilac with deep ‘Little Dorrit’, one of the larget all of crocuses. ‘Snowstorm,’ with pure white globular flowers, is free-flowering and long-lasting. iridaceae2bplant2bpicture-2981433 FACT FILE 
ORIGIN Hybrids.
HEIGHT To 4in/10cm.            crocus2bplant2bplant2bpictures-9348048 POTTING MIX Soil-based.
PROPAGATION Remove small corms that may form around the parent bulb, or sow seed. The seedlings will take 3-4 years to bloom. iridaceae2bindoor2bplant-2020246 REPOTTING Plant several corms together in early fall; set them just below the surface of the potting mixture Corms must be ‘wintered’ for about 10 weeks and brought into a warm room only when the flower buds are visible. crocus2bplant2bhouse2bplant-5283010 KEEPING PLANTS After flowering, either let the corms dry out in the pot and keep them until the next fall, or out in the garden. They will not bloom again indoors. crocus2bplant2bindoor2bplant2bpicture-1004515 It is better to mass crocuses of one variety in a shallow bowl rather than to mix them, because they tend to bloom at different times. iridaceae2bhouse2bplant2bpicture-5053605

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