ūü§∑INDOORūü§∑Cyanotis Somaliensis Commelinaceae (pussy ears) Indoor Plant

08:22 This post offering details of Cyanotis Somaliensis Commelinaceae also know as (pussy ears) here you can see propagation method how to care plant and images.
Unlike the closely related tradescantia, cyanotis bears hairy leaves. The 2-in/5-cm- long shiny green leaves of Cyanotis somaliensis are edged with soft white hairs, which gives them an overall pale gray appearance. 

Three-petaled blue flowers sometimes appear between winter and spring. The plant looks good when growth is compact but unruly when the stems are weak and spindly, which they readily become if light is inadequate. This is a good plant for indoor hanging baskets.
C. kewensis, teddy bear vine, has fine, rust-colored hairs on its short creeping stems. Its small lance-shaped leaves are green on top and purple underneath. Violet-colored flowers are produced, but only rarely.
ORIGIN Tropical Africa.
HEIGHT To 8in/20cm.
POTTING MIX Soil-based with added coarse sand or perlite in a ratio of 2:1.
REPOTTING A slow-growing plant, cyanotis does best in a shallow pot and rarely needs repotting.
PROPAGATION Take tip cuttings in spring; make sure that each cutting has three pairs of leaves.
KEEPING PLANTS The leaves develop brown tips if the air is too dry; stand the plant on a tray of moist pebbles to increase humidity. plant-8510932

Cyanotis Somaliensis Commelinaceae (pussy ears) PLANT CARE

Good light with some direct sunlight.  Normal room temperature.  Water well year-round, but allow the surface of the soil to become dry before rewatering.  Apply a standard liquid fertilizer about 4 times between spring and fall.

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