✅Pandanus veitchii Pandanaceae VEITCH’S SCREW PINE Benefits, Care & Propagation

The best known of the five or so commonly grown pandanuses, the screw pine is a stately plant, especially when it grows older. It has leaves up to 3ft/90cm long, the lower ones arching, with coarse spines along the margins. 

A feature of the foliage is the lengthwise creamy white striping. Mature plants develop beautiful stiltlike aerial roots. This pandanus enjoys very humid air and warmer temperatures. It is, therefore, better suited to a greenhouse, but properly looked after it will thrive in the living room.

FACT FILE Pandanus veitchii Pandanaceae VEITCH’S SCREW PINE


ORIGIN: Polynesia.
HEIGHT: 7ft/2m.
POTTING MIX: Soil- or peat-moss-based with good drainage.
REPOTTING: Young plants may require repotting more than once a year, but after the plant is a year old, repotting each spring will be sufficient. 

PROPAGATION: Remove suckers from older plants and pot these up individually.
KEEPING PLANTS: High humidity is essential for luxuriant leaf growth.

PLANT CARE Pandanus veitchii Pandanaceae VEITCH’S SCREW PINE

  • A well-lit location; no full sun. 
  • A minimum temperature of 65°F/18°C.


  • Water moderately, using water at room temperature; keep the soil a little drier from mid-fall until mid spring.
  • Stand the pot on a tray of moist pebbles and spray the plant daily. © Feed every 2 weeks from spring to fall.
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