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Erica x hiemalis Ericaceae French Heather Plant Care, Benefits and Propagation

  Erica x hiemalis Ericaceae French Heather Plant Care, Benefits and Propagation

This winter-flowering heather, which forms a small shrub, has erect stems with whorls of tiny deep green leaves. The 3/Vin/2-cm- long tubular flowers are pink with white tips and are borne in clusters at the ends of the stems. Erica carnea, winter heath, is another popular winter-flowering houseplant. 

It has more slender stems, which are densely clothed in small, round rose-pink or purple flowers. Because they need cool conditions, winter heaths are difficult plants to keep in the home, and they should be discarded after flowering.

  Erica x hiemalis Ericaceae French heather FACT FILE

ORIGIN South Africa (Cape Province); hybrids. HEIGHT 12-18in/30-46cm.

POTTING MIX Ericaceous (acidic) medium. REPOTTING Plants are usually discarded before repotting is necessary.

PROPAGATION By semiripe stem cuttings in late summer; these are difficult to root successfully in the home.

KEEPING PLANTS Ericas lose their leaves rapidly in a dry atmosphere and tend to be short-lived in centrally heated houses.

Erica x hiemalis Ericaceae French heather PLANT CARE

Bright light with some direct sun. • Keep cool, preferably at a maximum of 50°F/10°C. • Keep the medium moist at all times; never allow it to dry out. Use lime-free water where possible.

• Spray the plant frequently and stand the pot in a tray of moist gravel.


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