🤷INDOOR PLANT🤷Acalypha Wilkesiana Euphorbiaceae COPPER LEAF Plants Care And Guide

23:46 This plant is grown chiefly for its highly coloured leaves, which vary enormously and come in tints of coppery green, mottled and streaked with purple, red, and copper, giving it its best-known common name. Other names include match-me-if-you-can, beefsteak plant, fire dragon plant, and Jacob’s coat.  acalypha2bwilkesiana-3434438
Acalypha Wilkesiana Euphorbiaceae  COPPER LEAF Plants Hd photos wallpaper pictures and images collection on this post you can see


Varieties include ‘Can Can,’ with mainly magenta, mauve, and cream leaves, and ‘Marginata,’ with heart- shaped olive green leaves tinged with bronze and edged with carmine.
Like Acalypha hispida, this plant can reach 6ft/1.8m. The leaves are about 5in/13cm long and 2in/5cm wide. saad-8285973
ORIGIN Java; Papua New Guinea. HEIGHT To 6ft/1.8m. POTTING MIX Soil-based. REPOTTING In late spring, or at any other time if growth has been rapid, move plants into pots one size larger when roots fill the pots.  fdf-5076981 PROPAGATION In early spring plant 3-4-in/8-10-cm tip or stem cuttings in equal parts of sand and peat moss. Keep at 75°F/24°C. 
KEEPING PLANTS Do not pinch out the growing tips, since this plant is naturally bushy. Discard messy plants after 2 seasons.        asa-4754038 Acalypha wilkesiana Euphorbiaceae  COPPER LEAF Plants Care

  • Bright filtered light to retain leaf color.

  • Minimum winter temperature range of 60°F/16°C; up to 80°F/27°C in summer. 
  • Plenty of water at all times, particularly in summer when the soil dries out more quickly. 
  • High humidity: stand the plant on a tray of damp pebbles and mist the foliage regularly. 
  • Apply a standard liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks during the active growing period.
  • Check for mealybugs and red spider mites, both of which attack acalyphas.
  • Reduce the plant’s size by half each spring to encourage plenty of new stems and highly colored leaves.
  • Keep the soil moist at all times, but plants will wilt if the soil becomes sodden.


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