Aglaonema ‘Silver Queen’ Araceae Painted drop tongue Plant Care Benefits Propagation

Also called Chinese evergreen, this is a hybrid whose parent plants came originally from the subtropical forests of Southeast Asia. An important quality of most aglaonemas is their ability to thrive in the poor fight. Aglonema ‘Silver Queen’ is a compact, low-growing plant, with leaves about 5-6in/12.5-15cm long, on short stems produced at soil level.

It gains its name from the leaves, which are green only at the margins and along the main veins, with the rest of the leaf silvery white and cream. As the plant ages, it loses some of the lower leaves and develops a short, trunklike stem.  aglaonema2bsilver2bking2bplant-7157856

Small, insignificant, petalless flowers appear in summer or autumn and are carried on a short stem at the top of which is a 2-in/5-cm-long arumlike spathe.
Sometimes small orange poisonous berries are formed.Leaf spot disease may infect the plant, and botrytis fungus may appear if conditions are too cool.


This plant likes warmth; a cold draft will soon damage the leaves.Mealybugs and root mealybugs may attack aglaonemas.


ORIGIN Southeast Asia.
HEIGHT To 3ft/90cm.
POTTING MIX Open, peaty mixture.
REPOTTING Repot in spring when necessary. Do not use a pot that is too large, since this plant grows best when its roots are confined.


PROPAGATION In spring, divide the root clump; take tip cuttings or use sections of the old plant’s stem. Young plants need high humidity.


KEEPING PLANTS Do not grow this plant where there are children or pets; the sap and berries are poisonous.



Aglaonema Silver Queen Araceae Painted drop tongue PLANT CARE

  • Subdued light.
  1. Minimum winter temperature of 60°F/16°C with normal room temperature at other times, ft Water freely in summer; in winter keep the soil just moist.
  • Apply a weak liquid fertilizer with every watering from early spring to late summer.

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