Callistemon Citrinus Myrtaceae Crimson Bottle Brush Indoor Plant Information

10:26 Although this attractive and unusual houseplant will grow well in normal room conditions, it is ideal for a greenhouse or sunroom, where it can be allowed to develop into a moderately large shrub. The flower spikes have no petals but consist of tightly packed, bright red stamens with yellow tips. 


These 4-in/10-cm spikes have the appearance of a particularly colorful bottle brush. Leaves are long, narrow, and pointed, giving the plant a rather spiky appearance. callistemon2bcitrinusplant2bpotted-9408157
Flowering occurs in summer; once it is over, move the plant outdoors into a sunny, sheltered location to help ripen the wood for good flowering the following season. Bring it back indoors when the nights start to become cold. Callistemons need a winter rest period, during which they should be kept cool and watered moderately. callistemon2bcitrinus-7541631 The brilliantly colorful, erect flower spikes are topped with a little tuft ofleaves.
A bright, sunny location is essential for good flowering. Soil-based medium suits this plant best. Be careful not to overwater, especially in fall and winter. callistemon2bcitrinus2bplant2bflower2bimage-1105505 FACT FILE
ORIGIN Australia.
HEIGHT To 4ft/1.2m. 
POTTING MIX Equal amounts of soil base, leaf mold, and coarse sand.                             callistemon2bcitrinus2bhouse2bplant-3304901 REPOTTING In spring. Increase the size of pot until the plant is as large as you desire, then top-dress annually. callistemon2bcitrinus2bplant2bimage-4600260 PROPAGATION Sow seed in spring or take semiripe cuttings in early summer.
KEEPING PLANTS Cut back by about half immediately after flowering, to keep the plant compact. callistemon2bcitrinus2bplant-8062561

Callistemon Citrinus Myrtaceae Crimson Bottle Brush Indoor PLANT CARE

  • Strong, bright light with several hours of direct sun. Normal room temperature; keep cool during the winter rest period, with a minimum temperature of 45°F/7°C. 
  • Keep the soil thoroughly moist in spring and summer; water moderately in winter. 
  • The plant prefers low humidity and good ventilation.callistemon2bcitrinus2bindoor2bplant-4140103
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