Campanula Isophylla Campanulaceae FATAR OF BETHLEHEM Plant Info

10:42 This trailing plant is ideal for a hanging basket or any location where its long stems, studded with blue bell-like flowers, can be allowed to trail. 
campanula2bisophylla2bindoor2bplant2bphoto-1453364  The soft, pale green leaves are heart-shaped, and under good conditions are almost hidden by the clusters of star-shaped blooms. Stems reach up to 12in/30cm in length.
Flowers are generally light blue, although a white variety is available: Campanula isophylla ‘Stella Blue,’ ‘Stella White,’ Alba,’ and ‘May’ are popular varieties. Also known as falling stars and bellflower, this campanula is easy to grow, demanding only a fairly cool room and regular watering throughout the growing season. campanula2bisophylla-7862940Check the young leaves for the presence of aphids; treat with a contact insecticide.
If humidity is too high, gray mold may occur; treat with a fungicide.                  campanula2bisophylla2bplant2bphotos-8975419 Display plants in a hanging basket or on a tall pot stand; allow stems to trail gracefully. campanula2bisophylla2bindoor2bplant-5987523 Reduce watering and keep the plant cool during the winter.                       campanula2bisophylla2bhouse2bplant2bin2bpotted2bpicture-1624552 FACT FILE
ORIGIN Northern Italy.
HEIGHT To 6in/15cm, trailing stems to 12in/30cm long.
POTTING MIX Soil-based.
REPOTTING When roots appear on the surface of the soil, move plants to pots one size larger up to a maximum of about 5in/13cm. campanula2bisophylla2bhouse2bplant-6428365 PROPAGATION By soft tip cuttings in spring and summer or by seed. 
KEEPING PLANTS Campanulas do not like too much humidity. Cut back stems after flowering and reduce watering in the winter. campanula2bisophylla2bindoor2bplant2bdecoration-4728018

Campanula isophylla Campanulaceae FATAR OF BETHLEHEM PLANT CARE

  • Bright light but no direct sun. •
  • Cool conditions up to 60°F/16°C.
  • Water regularly during the growing season. 
  • Apply a standard liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks while the plant is in flower. 
  • Remove faded blooms to encourage a long flowering season.


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