Japanese Sedge Plant (Carex Morrowii) Care – How to Take Care & Grow Japanese Sedge Plant

The sedges are usually found growing outdoors in boggy soil at the sides of rivers and ponds, but one variety, Carex morrowii ‘Variegata,’ makes a useful houseplant.

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The narrow, grassy leaves, striped pale green and white, arise from a rhizomatous root to make a gracefully arching fountain of foliage up to 18in/46cm long.
Plants are easy to grow and are not fussy about conditions, although they prefer a cool, humid atmosphere. They are useful plants for groups, where their slender, upright, grassy foliage contrasts well with broad-leaved plants that have more rounded shapes.

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Japanese Sedge FACT FILE

HEIGHT To 12in/30cm.
POTTING MIX Soil-based preferably.
REPOTTING In spring, when the roots can be seen growing through the base of the pot.
PROPAGATION Divide plants into two or three clumps at any time during the growing season; very small clumps will not grow well.
KEEPING PLANTS This plant is long-lived and if given minimum attention will thrive for years.

Japanese Sedge PLANT CARE

  • Bright filtered light helps to guarantee well-colored foliage.
  • Cool to moderately warm conditions; winter temperature of 40°-45°F/4°-7°C.
  • Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged.
  • Mist the foliage frequently at temperatures of 65°-70oF/18°-21°C.
  • Apply a standard liquid fertilizer every 4 weeks in spring and summer.

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