Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) Plant Care: What It Is, How To Care And Why You Need It

The Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) is a great houseplant that you can place in any kind of light exposure. They’re very beginner-friendly plants because they can survive watering mistakes and they tell you when something is wrong. Best of all, Peace Lilies purify the air you breathe, so it also helps you to feel better.

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The Peace Lily’s Basic Care

Water it in once a week (make sure it has plenty of room to spread out in your home). Don’t put it in the sun, and the best light is bright, indirect natural light. Don’t let it dry out. Remove any dead or yellow leaves as they indicate a plant is dry, use a strong fertilizer. When it blooms, give it plenty of time to reach its full size, but don’t allow it to get too large for space.

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What Are The Benefits of Having a Peace Lily?

Peace Lilies are the most popular houseplant because of their beautiful flowers. They are commonly known for their ability to purify the air you breathe, which is important for people with allergies. As part of its purification process, they release oxygen into the air, which helps you feel better. They are also known for calming your heart rate, giving you much-needed rest.

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How To Take Care of Your Peace Lily

The plants grow in different climates and different light levels, so even though we have the same plants and the same nutrients, our plants can be quite different. Although the plant is easy to care for, if you’re just starting with it, you’ll probably want to stick to using all-natural fertilizers, or rather, natural nutrients.

Keep Peace Lilies away from sunlight exposure, they prefer shaded or dim light. In addition, they can only survive in containers with water in them, so you have to keep your Peace Lily planted. They are also sensitive to indoor soil conditions, which means you cannot over-water them.


Ideal beginner plant with attractive flowers. It can be a beautiful present, it’s a very popular indoor plant. You can put it in a less sunny room. With its several benefits, it’s not just pretty but a very useful plant.

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