Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow (Brunfelsia pauciflora) Plant Care – How to Take Care & Grow

Are you looking for the plant BRUNFELSIA PAUCIFLORA called also Solanaceae or one more popular name is  YESTERDAY TODAY AND TOMORROW plant care guide tips propagation or benefits? Then here in this post, I have written a detailed guide and care also you can see the benefits and how to make your plant more beautiful.

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This plant’s strange common name arises from the rapidly changing appearance of the flowers: they open deep purple and fade to lavender the next day, then to white. The flowers are fragrant, about 2in/5cm across with a central white eye; and even though they are short-lived individually, there are always plenty more blooms to follow. Given the right conditions, brunfelsias can flower at any time of year.

Leaves are long and lance-shaped, glossy mid to deep green, and leathery. Stems should be pruned back in early spring to produce well-shaped plants, and growing tips pinched off throughout the season to keep the plant bushy.  Brunfelsias will flower better if they are put in a sheltered place outdoors during warm summer weather, a practice that helps to ripen the wood. Allow the surface of the soil to dry out between waterings in winter. Mist foliage regularly in the growing season. Flowers appear in clusters at the tips of the stems, opening one by one and changing color day by day. The leathery leaves are sometimes attacked by scale insects; check the undersides regularly.

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Brunfelsia pauciflora FACT FILE

ORIGIN Tropical America; West Indies.
HEIGHT To 2ft/60cm.
POTTING MIX Soil-based.
REPOTTING Every spring, in a pot up to 8in/20cm maximum. Do not use an overlarge pot as the plant flowers better when the roots are confined.
PROPAGATION By soft stem cuttings in spring and early summer. 
KEEPING PLANTS Prune in early spring and pinch off growing tips during the flowering season to keep the plant bushy.

Brunfelsia pauciflora PLANT CARE

  • Bright light with some direct sunlight.
  • Give moderate warmth, with a minimum of 50°F/10°C in winter.
  • Keep the soil moist in the growing season, but water more sparingly in winter.
  • Apply a standard liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks while the plant is actively growing.

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