Ananas bracteatus var. tricolor Bromeliaceae RED PINEAPPLE Plant Guide

01:14 The common edible pineapple, Ananas comosus, is the best known and commercially the most important member of this genus. Its spiny- leafed relative A. bracteatus var.  ananas2bbracteatus2bhosue2bindoor2bplant-7856347

tricolor (which used to be known as var. striatus) is much more ornamental, however, and is sought as a pot plant for its dramatic foliage and occasional brown, edible fruits.                           ananas2bbracteatus2bwith2bfruit2bimage-3865898 It forms stiff, pointed rosettes of bronze green leaves with yellow margins. The swordlike leaves can be 2V2in/6.5cm across and can grow to more than 3ft/90cm long, so the plant needs plenty of space.                            ananas2bbracteatus2bplant-1062216 Always wear gloves when handling it, since the spines are sharp.ananas2bbracteatus2bphoto-2254053
When the plant is five or six years old, a pink fruiting spike that contrasts attractively with the foliage may be produced. The fruit takes several months to form, usually maturing in spring. ananas2bbracteatus2bpics-9566267 FACT FILE
ORIGIN Southern Brazil; Paraguay.
HEIGHT To 3ft/90cm. ananas2bbracteatus2bpics2bimage-5991329 POTTING MIX Commercial bromeliad mix; or equal parts by volume of coarse sand and peat moss plus half a part of leaf mold. ananas2bbracteatus2bindoor2bplant2bimage-2396213

Pina roja/Red Pineapple/Ananas bracteatus | Zoom’s Edible Plants

REPOTTING Move into a pot one size larger every second spring.Once the plant has reached the desired size, top-dress it each spring.  ananas2bbracteatus2bin2bfarm2bimage-1360907 PROPAGATION Use the top of the fruiting spike, which bears a small plant, or good-sized offsets from around the base of older plants and set them in a mixture of peat moss and coarse sand or perlite. Warm conditions in filtered sunlight or a propagator are needed to induce them to root. ananas2bbracteatus2bhouse2bplant-8711505 KEEPING PLANTS Mature plants may become top-heavy. Repot them into heavier clay pots as they grow. 7-6632294

Ananas bracteatus var. tricolor Bromeliaceae PLANT CARE

  • A bright location, with some direct sunlight. 
  • Minimum winter temperature of 64°F/18°C. 
  • Allow the top two-thirds of the soil to dry out before watering.
  • Stand the plant on a tray of moist pebbles or plunge it into moist peat moss to keep humidity high.
  • Apply a weak liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks from early spring to late summer.


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