Benefits, Care & Propagation of ROCHEA COCCINEA (syn. Crassula coccinea) Crassulaceae ROCHEA

A small shrubby bush, rochea carries masses of leathery, oval, pointed leaves lin/2.5cm long in pairs along the many-branched stems. In summer, showy clusters of scented tubular red flowers, each about lin/2.5cm long, appear at the ends of the stems.


The varieties ‘Alba,’ with white flowers, and ‘Bicolor,’ with red-and-white flowers, are also popular.


FACT FILE ROCHEA COCCINEA (syn. Crassula coccinea) Crassulaceae ROCHEA

ORIGIN: South Africa (Cape Province).
HEIGHT: 18in/46cm.
POTTING MIX: Soil-based.


REPOTTING: In spring, but only if necessary.

PROPAGATION: By stem cuttings in spring or summer. Allow the cuttings to dry for 2 days before inserting them into fresh potting mix.

KEEPING PLANTS: Rochea coccinea needs plenty of ventilation, light, and water in summer and a period outdoors in a sheltered spot. Watch out for mealybugs and scale insects.


PLANT CARE ROCHEA COCCINEA (syn. Crassula coccinea) Crassulaceae ROCHEA

  • Bright light with some direct sunshine.
  • Cool to normal room temperature.


  • Water well during the growing season; give less water in winter.
  • Feed every 2 weeks with a standard liquid fertiliser in the period of active growth.


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