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This post, is aboutĀ Thunbergia Alata indoor plant care and its growing information. The Thunbergia Alata is also called as a Black-Eyed Susan Vine.

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black2beyed2bsusan2bvine2bcolors-6576164Generally grown as an annual, this fastĀ­growing climber is easily raised from seed.Ā 
The slender, twining stems bear light green, arrowhead-shaped leaves with indented margins.Ā 
In summer, daisylike flowers with a tubular throat appear; the species has orange petals, but there are varieties with yellow or white petals, and all have a deep chocolate brown center.Ā 
Provide stakes around the edges of the pot for the plant to twine around, or train it over a trellis or similar support; it also makes a good candidate for a hanging basket.
Ā Black-Eyed Susan VineĀ Fact File black2beyed2bsusan2bvine2bpropagation-4656609
ORIGIN Tropical Africa.

HEIGHT To 6ft/1.8m.

POTTING MIX Soil-based.

REPOTTING Move the plant into a larger pot when roots can be seen through the drainage holes in the bottom.

PROPAGATION By seed sown in early spring.

KEEPING PLANTS Discard after flowering.
Black-Eyed Susan Vine Plant Care black2beyed2bsusan2bvine2bover2bwinter-9121068

  • Bright light with some direct sun.Ā 
  • Normal room temperature.Ā 
  • Ā Keep the soil moist at all times.Ā 
  • Apply a high-potash liquid fertilizer every 2 weeks from the time the flower buds start to form.


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