🤷Red Crown Cactus (Rebutia minuscula) Plant Fact, Care & Benefits

21:22 All rebutias are beautiful in the spring flowering period, and this quick­ growing species is particularly good.
The individual heads of this solitary or clustering cactus are globular, sometimes with a flattened top, and reach a height of only 2in/5cm or so. 

The short white spines form a neat pattern against the green stem, and in spring each head is surrounded by lV2-m/4-cm-wide crimson-scarlet flowers, which give it its other name, Mexican sunball. In the home, as in its natural habitat, rebutia needs plenty of sunshine, so it will be happiest standing on a sunny windowsill.
ORIGIN Northern Argentina. 
HEIGHT To 2in/5cm.
POTTING MIX Soil- or peat-moss-based with added coarse sand or grit for good drainage. 
red2bcrown2bcactus2bindoor2bplant-9271999REPOTTING In summer every 2 years in a wide, shallow pot.
PROPAGATION Remove offsets in summer and pot them up individually, or sow seed in spring. 
KEEPING PLANTS  Watch out for mealybugs, which may be a problem, especially on new growth.

Red Crown Cactus (Rebutia minuscula) PLANT CARE


  • Full sun, but protect from hot midsummer sun. 
  • Normal to warm room temperature, with a winter minimum of 45″F/7″C. 
  • Water freely during spring and summer, but never overwater. Do not water in winter. 
  • Feed every 2 weeks with a high-potash fertilizer from the time the buds form and throughout the period of active growth.
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