Brown Spiderwort Siderasis Fuscata Plant Care Leaves Plant Fact, Care & Benefits

23:57 Although related to the easy-to-grow tradescantia, this plant needs high humidity and is best grown in a bottle garden. The broad leaves form a low rosette; on the surface, they are deep green with a central silvery stripe, and their undersides are deep purplish red. brown2bspiderwort2bsiderasis2bfuscata-1078156

The whole plant is covered with fine rust-colored hairs. Purple flowers, about lin/2.5cm wide, emerge from the center of the rosette in summer and have the typical three-petaled shape of those of the Tradescantia genus.

Brown Spiderwort Siderasis Fuscata FACT 

ORIGIN Brazil.
HEIGHT Usually less than 8in/20cm.
POTTING MIX Soil-based and peat-moss-based in equal amounts.
brown2bspiderwort2bsiderasis2bfuscata2bp2b2-2212044REPOTTING Move into a pot one size larger in spring; this is not usually necessary every year. Put a layer of gravel or pot shards in the pot to ensure good drainage.
PROPAGATION Divide the clumps of rosettes as they become crowded.
KEEPING PLANTS If the plant is not being grown the plant in a bottle garden or terrarium, it should stand on a tray of moist pebbles to maintain high humidity, which is essential. brown2bspiderwort2bsiderasis2bfuscata2bp-2647676

Brown Spiderwort Siderasis Fuscata Plant Care

  • Partial shade. 
  • Warm temperatures of 70°-85°F/21°-29°C are essential. 
  • Protect from drafts. 
  • Water moderately; allow the surface of the soil to dry out between waterings. 
  • Keep the humidity high at all times. 
  • Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4 weeks.
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