šŸ¤·INDOORšŸ¤·Buddleja Madagascariensis (Orange Buddleia) Indoor Plant Care

07:09 The name of this plant is now correctly spelled Buddleja, but it is still generally known as Buddleia. It is a showy evergreen pot plant for a large, bright sunny room or a border plant for a greenhouse. Vigorous, with an upright habit, it can easily reach 6-10ft/1.8-3m or more in height.
It has 5-in/13-cm-long lance-shaped dark green leaves whose undersides are covered with a downy white felt. The small, bright yellow-orange flowers are borne in slender, pyramid-shaped clusters between late fall and spring. Unlike other buddleias, which have fruits like dry capsules, the flowers are followed by fleshy, berrylike purple-blue fruits.

ORIGIN Madagascar.
HEIGHT To 10ft/3m.
POTTING MIX Soil-based.
REPOTTING Only when roots completely fill the current container.
PROPAGATION Sow seed in spring or take stem cuttings in late summer.
KEEPING PLANTS Stems can be cut back by about half after flowering, to keep the plant in shape or to reduce its size. Flowers are produced on the current yearā€™s growth.


Buddleja Madagascariensis (Orange Buddleia) PLANT CARE

  • Full sun or partial shade.Ā 
  • Minimum temperature of 45Ā°F/7Ā°C in winter.Ā 
  • Water moderately all year-round. Do not overwater, but do not allow the plant to wilt, since that can cause serious leaf loss.Ā 
  • Feed every 2 weeks from spring to late fall with a dilute standard fertilizer.
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