Old Man Cactus Plant (Cephalocereus Senilis) Care – How to Take Care & Grow Old Man Cactus Plant

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This is the post about  Cephalocereus Senilis which is also known as OLD-MAN CACTUS and here is how you can grow it and care. The common name for this cactus is derived from the long, fine white hairs that shroud the fleshy columnar body and hide the sharp spines beneath them. The hairs serve to protect the […]

🤷INDOOR🤷Cotyledon Undulata Cotyledon orbiculata PILVER CROWN Indoor Plant


08:37 Cotyledons are shrubby succulents with fleshy, fan-shaped, stalkless leaves arranged in opposite pairs. Each leaf of this plant has an undulating edge and a dense covering of fine, silvery white powder. Although orange-yellow flowers may appear on older plants in summer, the plant is chiefly grown for its characteristic leaves. Mass several plants together […]

Ponytail Palm Plant (Beaucarnea Recurvata) Care – How to Take Care & Grow Ponytail Palm Plant

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Originally from the desert of southern Mexico, this bizarre-looking succulent is most unusual and eye-catching. The bottle-shaped woody stem, which serves as a water reservoir, adds to the plant’s odd appearance and gives rise to its common names of bottle palm and elephant foot. From this bulbous stem spring several slim, downward- curving “ponytails” of […]