🤷INDOOR🤷 CEROPEGIA WOODII (syn. Ceropegia linearis SSP. WOODII) Rosary vine Indoor Plant

A long-lived tuberous succulent, this is the only ceropegia commonly grown indoors. It is a good plant for a hanging basket.

The gray woody tuber, which can reach 2in/5cm across, rests on the surface of the soil, and from it spring several fine purplish flexible stems. Generally, these are about 3ft/90cm long, although they can become much longer.
Every 2-3in/5-8cm along the stem is a pair of l-in/2.5-cm-long fleshy heart-shaped leaves, that give the plant its common names: hearts entangled, hearts-on-a-string, and chain of hearts.


The dark green leaves are mark with white on the upper surface and are purple underneath. Small tuberous growths are produced at intervals along the stem, and where they form, stems sometimes branch.
ORIGIN South Africa.
HEIGHT Stems trail to 3ft/90cm or more. POTTING MIX Soil-based and coarse sand or perlite in equal quantities; good drainage is essential.
REPOTTING In early spring move into a pot one size larger until a 4-in/10-cm pot is reached. PROPAGATION At any time, remove stem tubers from the plant or take stem cuttings. Set several tubers around the edge of a hanging basket for a good display.
KEEPING PLANTS Keep ceropegia in a bright location; in poor light, leaf ceropegia2bwoodii-1308240



  • Bright light with at least 4 hours of direct sun daily.
  • Normal room temperature, with a minimum of 55°F/13°C.
  • Water actively growing plants moderately; water sparingly in the rest period from mid fall to early spring.
  • Every 4 weeks apply standard liquid fertilizer to mature plants only.

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