INDOOR CONVALLARIA MAJALIS Liliaceae LILY of the Valley Indoor Plant

See here in this article you can see CONVALLARIA MAJALIS also known as Liliaceae LILY of the Valley here I have described the propagation method, plant care, and its potted plant pictures.

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This familiar plant, with delicate, highly fragrant bell-shaped flowers, is usually seen as a hardy specimen in woodland areas or in a shady spot in the garden. It grows from a creeping rhizome and so spreads quickly. Convallarias are also easy to force and can be obtained as pot plants or as crowns at almost any time of year.

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The elliptical leaves grow from the rootstock, usually in pairs, and can be 8in/20cm long. Each flower stalk carries five to eight blooms. In addition to the type, several good varieties are obtainable, among them Convallaria majalis ‘Fortin’s Giant’ with large white flowers, which is most often used for forcing; C.m. ‘Prolificans’ with double flowers; and the less vigorous C.m. ‘Rosea’ with pale pink flowers.


Origin: Europe; naturalized in America. HEIGHT To 10in/25cm.

Potting Mix: Soil-based, leaf mold, and coarse sand in equal amounts.

Repotting: Move into a pot one size larger each spring after flowering. Put 6-8 plants in a pot for the best effect.

Propagation: Sow seed in spring or divide plants when repotting.

Keeping Plants: Overwinter plants in a cold frame or cool greenhouse if possible. As they start into growth, increase watering and increase the temperature to about 70°F/21°C if you want to force them into early blooming.

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  • Bright light but not direct sunlight.
  • Cool room conditions will prolong the flowering period.
  • Keep the potting mix moist at all times.
  • Apply a weak liquid fertilizer once a month during spring and summer.

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