How To Care For A Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea Elegans): The Ultimate Guide

The Parlor Palm is a great plant to start your plant collection with. It’s low-maintenance and not toxic to your pets and/or small children. This makes it the perfect beginner-friendly plant for your house. It tells you exactly when it’s not happy and it grows quickly, yet stays small.

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Best Plant Location

Like any plant, the best location for the Parlor Palm is in full sun and good drainage. It prefers fairly loose soil, meaning if you do have any issues, you might want to go with a mix. A good amount of peat moss will do the trick and will keep it happy and healthy. The dirt should not be moist but dry. If your home has hardwood floors, this plant may also appreciate a rug, as the weight of the heavy leaves will help keep the plant from bending. It will also help keep any furniture from curling up underneath it. Storage Parlor Palm is super easy to care for but if you don’t have a suitable place to store it, or the conditions are not conducive to it, it might not make the cut. A large, deep window box in a partially sunny location is one of the best places to plant a Parlor Palm.

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If your house has no shady spot where it can thrive, you’ll need to position your Parlor Palm somewhere sunny. Keep your plant where it is if it is in a container. If it’s in a pot, let it grow up higher to expose more of its leaves to the sun. Make sure it gets lots of air circulation so its leaves don’t become crowded. You can always adjust the light by opening the curtains. Make sure you keep an eye on your Parlor Palm for sudden drainage issues. It may require a hose to keep your plants’ roots from drying out. When the plant begins to produce foliage, you can cut back on its food intake. This will help it stay a smaller size for longer. Once the leaves start to fall off, you can begin feeding again.

The Best Soil For Your Parlor Palm

Before planting the Parlor Palm, you need to ensure that you have the right soil. I was in two minds about what type of soil to use for the Parlor Palm. It is said to be a “shallow” or “deep” soil species, so naturally, I am thinking about where I can put it in the garden. It can either go in a flower bed or in a pot. Soil with less depth is best. I’ve read that soil with a depth of about 3″ will be the best, but a 3-inch-deep pot would be a good place to start.

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A balanced mix of perlite, sand, and organic potting soil will work wonders for your plants. You can purchase a terrarium for this plant, or grow it in a pot, just make sure you have a minimum of two feet in height to plant it in. You can expect your parlor palm to grow to around 6 feet in height when it’s fully mature, however, if you have the room, you can expect it to reach 12 feet.

How To Water Your Parlor Palm

Here’s how to keep the Parlor Palm in tip-top shape. The Parlor Palm needs the same kind of water you would water a regular palm, but a little more for its size. Parlor Palms are most happy in well-drained, medium-temperature pots. Parlor Palms are typically planted close together so they don’t need as much space as a normal palm.

What To Feed Your Parlor Palm

There are two types of fertilizers you should feed your parlor palm: granular and liquid. Granular Fertilizers Granular fertilizer is a substance that your plant naturally produces from its leaves. Just take a handful of the fertilizer and put it in the bottom of the pot and cover the top with soil. If you are using a large pot and the fertilizer is very coarse, soak it overnight before adding it to the pot. Liquid fertilizer comes in a variety of different sizes. It is the most recommended type of fertilizer for parlor palms. Just apply a small amount of the fertilizer per square inch of the pot add it to the bottom of the pot, making sure the top is covered.

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When To Prune Your Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm is a great long-lived and well-behaved plant. You need to start looking at pruning your tree in its third year. This is when it stops growing to the ground but still has a stem on the top. You will need to make sure you prune by cutting off the top of the stem.

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Just make sure you don’t cut the whole plant. If your plants are healthy they won’t mind trimming. The only time you might want to trim your Parlor Palm is if it looks messy or a little frazzled. This will make it more interesting and unique to your garden.  All you need to do is prune about 5cm off each side of the stem and then the leaves and roots.


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These palms can be used indoors as well as outside in your garden, but they should always be placed in a sunny spot. Just follow this guide and you will not have a problem with your plant. There are many different types of Parlor Palms to choose from.

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