The Ultimate Guide to Growing a Philodendron: How to Care for a Philodendron Plant

If you love easy-to-care-for plants, you’re going to love the Philodendron. This plant has tropical vines and loves to climb things around it, very much like a Monstera. It doesn’t require a lot of attention and is a great plant for those that don’t want to water a plant every day and have a perfect spot in an indirectly lit area of their house.

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Philodendron Plant Care

Philodendron is a fascinating plant with interesting facts. Just wrap a couple of them around the top of your indoor plants and they’ll remain green and healthy all season long. The first of many dangers of growing a Philodendron is getting them root-bound. If you can get the plant out of the container and into a larger one that has drainage holes, you’ll have a happier plant. Many people end up with a Philodendron plant that requires a lot of potting soil and will need to get cut back if they get too big and dry out the pot. Get rid of the dead and diseased portions of the plant and divide up the remaining portions.

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Philodendron Plant Lighting

The key to making this plant grow to its full potential is to have some amount of bright light available. You can use a regular desk lamp or a fluorescent bulb if the lights in your home are dim. The shade must also be adjusted so the light reaches the sides of the plant and not completely in the center of it. To fix that you can buy a grow light that will focus the light on the upper part of the plant. In addition, the leaves on the bottom part of the plant will be green and you will only see the top part of the plant since it is struggling. That means that in a few weeks it will come back to its original size and color.

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Philodendron Plant Location

If you want to have a Philodendron, you’re going to have to plan ahead. Growing Philodendron is best in shaded areas and indirect light, as they do not need direct sunlight. You can also try to overwinter it indoors, but Philodendron may need supplemental water and a heat lamp during the fall.

Philodendron Plant Watering

Vines are heavy feeders and should have fresh water several times a week, more if needed. Though this plant needs high humidity, it can easily be kept low by watering the vines regularly with a little water-free plant food. Allow the plant to dry out after watering, but make sure you let it soak through to the roots. The leaves are edible, though very thin and fragile. You can cut the leaves and give them to your local food bank, or soak them and enjoy them the next day. The roots also have edible parts and can be cut up for your own enjoyment. Make sure you rotate your Philodendron plants, as this will help them get stronger.

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Philodendron Plant Fertilizing

After you buy your Philodendron, you’ll need to add a feeder-type fertilizer to it every two weeks to keep it growing strong. Once the plants get a little bigger, you can add in fertilizer every month or so. This is optional.

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Other than the usual care you would apply to a plant, here are some general tips to keep in mind when it comes to Philodendron maintenance. There is no need to have the plants at a full-height, just keep them upright. You don’t want them too tall, as this can make them easy to knock over, or cover the lights, etc.


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Plants don’t have to be complicated to keep alive and add a little life to your home. If you want a plant that can handle humid conditions or tropical weather, you can’t go wrong with the Philodendron. Use these few tricks for a plant that will never die, right in your own home.

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