Sparrmannia Africana [African Hemp] | Plant Fact, Care & Benefits

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sparmannia2bafricana2bbuy-3172073This plant is also known as the indoor linden, or linden tree, this plant quickly forms a tree shape when grown in a large container.
It belongs to the family of Tiliaceae.
It has 5-6-in/13-T5-cm-long, downy, pale green heart-shaped leaves with toothed edges.
In late winter and early spring, umbels of white-petaled flowers, with a central boss of purple-tipped golden stamens, are borne at the ends of the stems.

African Hemp Fact File

ORIGIN South Africa.

HEIGHT To 3ft/90cm in a container.

POTTING MIX Soil-based.

REPOTTING Move into a larger pot whenever the roots fill the current pot.


PROPAGATION Take stem cuttings of young shoots in spring.

KEEPING PLANTS Replace large, untidy plants by cuttings. Cut stems back after flowering and pinch off growing tips to encourage bushiness.

African Hemp Plant Care

  • Bright light; protect from direct sun in summer.
  • Best at about 60°F/16°C.
  • Water freely in spring and summer, give less water in winter.
  • SB Apply high-potash liquid fertilizer every 3 weeks from the time flower buds appear until the fall.


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