Strelitzia reginae Strelitziaceae BIRD- OF-PARADISE✅ Plant Benefits, Care & Propagation

21:04 Strelitzia reginae Strelitziacea Also known as crane flower, this spectacular plant has flowers that look like the head of the exotic crested crane. The slender green bracts, some 8in/20cm long, are sharply pointed and held horizontally, giving the appearance of a beak.


This plant is monocotyledonous flowering plant that belongs to South Africa. The plant of this flower is 2 metre long along with strong and sharp leaves i.e. 25 to 70 cm long  and 10 to 30 cm broad. 

The leaves of this plant is visible for all the seasons and its shape is similar to fan-shaped crown. 

Bright orange-and- blue-petaled flowers emerge from the bracts to form a colorful “crest.” Flowers are borne on plants 5 to 6 years old in early spring and summer and sometimes to late summer. 

Individual flowers last for about a week, but each spathe produces several, which open in succession.

The oblong, leathery leaves up to 18in/46cm long, on stalks almost twice as long, rise directly from the base of the plant.

FACT FILE of Strelitzia reginae Strelitziaceae   BIRD- OF-PARADISE

ORIGIN: South Africa.
HEIGHT: 3ft/90cm.
POTTING MIX: Fertile, well-drained, soil-based. 

REPOTTING: In spring, move into a larger pot until a 10-in/25-cm pot is reached; thereafter top-dress annually.


PROPAGATION: In spring, by seed or division. KEEPING PLANTS Strelitzias need sunlight; they will not flower if the light is not bright enough.

Strelitzia reginae Strelitziaceae PLANT CARE

Bright light with 3-4 hours of direct sun daily.

* Normal room temperature in the growing season; about 55 F/13°C in the winter rest period.


Let the surface of the soil dry out between waterings in spring and summer; water sparingly in winter. Give a high-potash liquid feed every 3 weeks when in active growth.

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