{Vitaceae} Tetrastigma Voinieranu,Chestnut Vine, Plant Fact, Care & Benefits ✅

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Related to the more popular grape ivy and kangaroo vine (Cissus genus), tetrastigma is a large and vigorous climber that needs plenty of space. 

tetrastigma2bhouseplant-2389125The deep green leaves, composed of five leaflets, are shaped rather like a horse chestnut leaf and can be more than 12in/30cm wide.
The leaf edges are toothed, and the undersides are covered with reddish brown hairs. 
Strong, wiry tendrils cling firmly to any support, and the stems will rapidly cover a wall or trellis.

Tetrastigma Voinieranu Fact Files

ORIGIN Southeast Asia.

HEIGHT Climbs to more than 6ft/1.8m. 
POTTING MIX Soil-based with good drainage.
REPOTTING Move into a pot two sizes larger in spring; when maximum desired pot size is reached, top-dress annually instead. 
PROPAGATION By stem tip cuttings in late spring and summer.
KEEPING PLANTS This vigorous, large-leafed plant needs a sturdy trellis or similar support. Prune in spring, removing overcrowded stems.

Tetrastigma Voinieranu Plant Care tetrastigma2bvoinierianum2bfor2bsale-9018760

  • Bright light, shaded from direct sun; will tolerate partial shade.
  • Ideally, a range of temperatures of 60°—80°F/16°—27°C, with a winter minimum of 55°F/13°C. 
  • Keep the soil moist in the growing season; water more sparingly in winter.
  •  Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4 weeks in spring and summer.

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