Lady’s purse, Slipper Flower (Calceolaria) How to Care and Grow

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Calceolaria’s curious pouch-shaped flowers have given rise to several common names for these hybrid plants, among them pocketbook plant and slipperwort. Blooming The brightly colored flowers are often yellow spotted with red or brown, but orange and red varieties with darker blotches are also available. Flowers are normally borne in spring, in clusters on tall … Read more

Ponytail Palm Plant (Beaucarnea Recurvata) Care – How to Take Care & Grow Ponytail Palm Plant

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Originally from the desert of southern Mexico, this bizarre-looking succulent is most unusual and eye-catching. The bottle-shaped woody stem, which serves as a water reservoir, adds to the plant’s odd appearance and gives rise to its common names of bottle palm and elephant foot. From this bulbous stem spring several slim, downward- curving “ponytails” of … Read more